About Me

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zachi brewster doula.jpg

Mothering the Mother.

Coming from a family of women, run by matriarchs on both sides, the power of our wombs was clear to me from early on. Witnessing and supporting my tribe through everything from periods, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and birth trauma has been second nature to me since my teens and is the foundation on which I build my services today.

However, it wasn’t until going through my own birth experience that I truly started to value the necessity and importance of having an advocate and someone who is just there for you. What started as months of just grieving  turned into nurturing myself, eventually having faith in and feeling my body again.

Everybody deserves to have a space where they feel safe to just be, in all their rawness, grief and glory and that is what set me on the ‘official’ doula journey.

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I completed my doula training in 2017 with the wonderful Conscious Birthing Doula course and started working for an international pregnancy app, developing recipes and supporting the users with their queries, worries and questions. In March 2019 I completed my 9 month Advanced Doula Training which combines traditional and contemporary wisdom and skills with Sacred Birthing.  I am currently being mentored by the award winning doula Mars Lord, founder of Abuela Doulas, and as part of the Abuela Doula community, I have a wealth of expertise to draw on from my sisters but still continue to further my knowledge through reading, research, workshops and courses.

I offer support on the emotional and physical side of things. I know what it means to hold space for you to be able to trust your body, trust your own experience and make well informed decisions, whilst nurturing you through this.

Every experience is unique; Every birth will change you.

I am a full-spectrum doula, and am here as your companion, sister and wing woman as you go through your birth and postnatal period.

Current Location: London
Languages: English, Italian

Nourishing the Mother.

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Food is integral to the way I nurture women. I. Love. It.

It's important not just because of the nutrients it provides us with to survive, but because it links us to memories, people, places and nourishes, heals and comfort our soul too. Of course, it is vital in all stages of life, but especially for women to aid conception, during pregnancy and is a fundamental part of recovery ( emotional and physical) after birth and whilst breastfeeding and beyond.

zachi brewster foodie doula

I am British Afro Caribbean, so food in my family is a big thing. Add to this that I studied international gastronomy (food culture and science including sociology, nutrition, ethnobotany, anthropology) and got a masters in food innovation whilst living in Italy for 7 years and I have seen how it can soothe and uplift even the weariest of souls.

Part of working with you, is helping you to establish and maintain healthy eating patterns with simple meal prep and planning to ensure that you remain properly nourished and well fed during every stage of your journey.