What is a Doula?

Traditionally, a doula was a woman who supported other women during all areas of reproductive health. She helped women from preconception, preventing pregnancy, during pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, birth and the postpartum period and in some cases were even the same women who helped with end of life care too.


The need for this role in communities has always existed, although in today’s society this figure has been split between many healthcare professionals with little or no focus on the woman’s emotional wellbeing and without the continuity of care.

As a full spectrum doula, I offer support not only for pregnancy, ‘normal’ birth and the postpartum period, but also for miscarriages and abortion, as was done traditionally and with food and healthy eating patterns. I will accompany you on your journey as your advocate, companion and side kick, supporting you emotionally and physically and providing you with the most up to date resources to make informed decisions and feel secure in your choices, body and self.